Man 1: The Electric Fist?

Man 2: Lame. Something to do with an octopus?

Man 1: Too many legs.

Man 2: A Meerkat.

Man 1: A what?

Man 2: Right, nevermind.

Man 1: Boomin’ Uncle.

Man 2: Sounds promising. But can you spell the uncle part with a “k”?

Man 1: Sure.

Man 2: Boomin’ Unkle. Might work.

In rapid succession.

Man 1: Master Splash.

Man 2: The Lazarus.

Man 1: Nanobot Poppin’.

Man 2: The Ripple Dipple.

Man 1: Sounds like a flavor.

Man 2: Epic Motion.

Man 1: Ooo, good.

Man 2: The Final Struggle.

Man 1: Sounds religious.

Man 2: The Final Struggle Between Man, God, and the Eternal Damned for Ultimate Possession of the Collective Soul.

Man 1: That definitely sounds religious.

Man 2: Most definitely.